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Poetry-Jaded Emotions

Jaded Emotions By Josephine Ansumana, Freetown, Sierra Leone. I Can I walk away, if (...)

| June 2011 | 1435 views

Poetry-Yanda Swit Oh!

Yanda Swit Oh! A poem in Krio by Les Rickford, Texas, USA. yanda swit oh i swit to yong boy lekke dem fah wey fos wol kontri wey, yu noh (...)

| May 2011 | 1562 views

Short Story-Zambuga Zambedi

Zambuga Zambedi A short story by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma PV CEO/Publisher Author’s note: This is a work of fiction, not an autobiography or (...)

| April 2011 | 1663 views

Poetry: Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring By Fayia Sellu, California, USA. I thirsted for spring Like I hungered for rain In another lifetime Beating the red earth (...)

| March 2011 | 1310 views

Poetry: Africa Unite

Africa unite By Bob Marley Ziya-po ya-ya, pa-pa-ya-pa! Ti-da-lee, na po-po pu-du-loo! Ste-na-peh na-na po po-ro po! Africa unite: (...)

| December 2010 | 1408 views

Poetry in Krio: Savis Man Krai

Savis Man Krai, (a poem in Krio, Sierra Leone’s lingua franca, by Les Rickford, USA). aaaaiy savisman bet im finga i krai i’ala wai i krai (...)

| October 2010 | 1998 views

Poetry-Red Utopia

Red Utopia By Saidu Bangura, Praia, Cape Verde. “But somehow we survive severance, desperation, loss” Dennis Brutus. Peace – the all (...)

| September 2010 | 1265 views

Poem in Krio: Wata Na Dak Ples

Wata Na Dak Ples By Les Rickford, USA. to mi, na wan gren poem dae na worl yu go jes dae rayt am normor tae go tae ning nang tem dae i go (...)

| September 2010 | 1914 views

Poetry: The Day God Winked

The Day God Winked By Fayia Sellu, California, USA. January 6th, 1999. The sun was hung-over Groggily it stumbled to its place The national (...)

| August 2010 | 1134 views

Poetry: Here in Romarong

Here in Romarong By Saidu Bangura, Praia, Cape Verde. Here in Romarong , this is all you see- groups of people recounting sweet happenings as (...)

| August 2010 | 1444 views