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Canada: Good news for Manitoba parents

Good news for Manitoba parents: You could soon save hundreds of dollars per child, per month – because, as of April 2nd, child care fees across the province (...)

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Introducing Aveeno Canada

From dry and scaly to rough and bumpy skin, people of color may be more prone to certain conditions that affect the skin like keratosis pilaris, a (...)

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Black Canadians in Canadian history

Canada is a place of cultural diversity, compassion, and prosperity. However, none of these markers of Canadian identity would have come to fruition (...)

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First black High Commisioner of Canada

In honour of Black History Month, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) pays tribute to Black Canadians who have made a difference in Canadian foreign affairs. (...)

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Do not wait to start investing

Kevin O’Leary, Chairman, O’Leary Ventures "I can wait to start investing." Sure, you can, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. For example, waiting (...)

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Child care for families across Canada

By Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Affordable child care for families across the country. We promised we’d make $10-a-day child care a reality by 2026, and (...)

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