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Poetry: Confessions of a Murder Ring

Confessions of a Murder Ring By Josephine M. Ansumana Planet Earth vs. the People of Sierra Leone The death is announced of the Republic of (...)

| June 2008 | 597 views

Quicksand Swept John

Quicksand Swept John By Roland Bankole Marke Quicksand swept John like tsunami off our grip, Without him saying farewell: our gifted brother, (...)

| March 2008 | 786 views

Short Story: The Escape

The Escape By Bakar Mansaray, Toronto. Allie Rainbow and Sheku, like most of the residents of the town of Karina went to bed exhausted after (...)

| March 2008 | 773 views

Poetry: Cantico del Sole

Cantico del Sole By Ezra Pound(1885-1972) The thought of what America would be like If the Classics had a wide circulation Troubles (...)

| February 2008 | 542 views

Ancestral Heartbeat

Indignity gobbles a resentful cup of agbo mixture As oppression’s mental chains scar-tissue rupture. Redemption from scorpion whips, at summer-heat (...)

| February 2008 | 535 views

Short Story: 7:20 in the Morning

7:20 in the Morning (Sequel to Mud House-Thatch Roof) By Bakar Mansaray(alias Samory), Toronto. Bai Maro’s first thoughts about going to primary (...)

| February 2008 | 6487 views

Short Story: Mud House-Thatch Roof

Mud House - Thatch Roof By Bakar Mansaray, Toronto. Episode 1 The story of the boy, Bai Maro, began during a period of mild tropical weather when (...)

| January 2008 | 1204 views

Short story: Harvest of Hate

Harvest of Hate By Roland Bankole Marke My name is Mary Bangura, although I was born and baptized Mary Talabi James, at Saint John’s Maroon (...)

| January 2008 | 739 views

Poetry: Death Dies Everytime We Die

Death Dies Everytime We Die By Gbanabom Hallowell. (for Victor Fashole Luke) I know that my breast is on fire but I pretend not to know I know (...)

| January 2008 | 521 views

Poetry-Ancient Egyptian Love Poem

Love Poem Oh! when my lady comes, And I with love behold her, I take her to my beating heart And in my arms enfold her; My heart is (...)

| December 2007 | 1328 views

Poetry—All voices become hoarse

All Voices Become Hoarse. By Sipho Sepamla step by step we rise as the goldminers dig deeper and deeper moment to moment we (...)

| November 2007 | 1028 views