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Kenyan writer Nanjala Nyabola

Nanjala Nyabola is a writer, political analyst, and activist based in Nairobi, Kenya. Nyabola writes extensively about African society and politics, (...)

| 3 weeks ago | 1094 views

Who was Milan Kundera?

Contributed Milan Kundera was a renowned Czech-French author, novelist, and essayist. He was born on April 1, 1929, in Brno, Czechoslovakia (now the (...)

| 2 months ago | 2244 views

Poetry: Summer Time in Sierra Leone

Summer Time in Sierra Leone. A warm summer’s day and it’s So hot in Freetown today And the yellow flowers are Blowing gently in the wind And (...)

| 3 months ago | 2986 views

Hands off our Vultures

Hands off our Vultures Hands off our vultures Hands off we pray Vultures are nature’s darlings And yet endangered Our environment we’ve destroyed With (...)

| 3 months ago | 3146 views

A Dying Breed

A Dying Breed By Papa Ray, Freetown, Sierra Leone Physicist of the highest calibre, Resident on our local Olympus for decades; (...)

| 4 months ago | 3171 views

Justice: I know Your Real Name

By Charles Quist-Adade, Vancouver, Canada Justice: I know Your Real Name You proclaimed you’re the law of karma The author of the Golden Rule The good (...)

| 5 months ago | 2127 views

B L O O D!

B L O O D! By Raymond E. D. de’Souza George (Papa Ray), Freetown, Sierra Leone B L O O D! B L O O D! BLOOD! The divine (...)

| 5 months ago | 2543 views

American writer Samantha Irby

Born February 13, 1980 (age 43) Occupation Comedian, writer Awards Lambda Literary Award Website: (...)

| 5 months ago | 2008 views

To “All Ma Ladies”, on IW Day 2023

To “All Ma Ladies”, on IW Day 2023: The Silence Between Two Echoes “Only these Understand the eloquence of the silence Between two echoes in a haunted (...)

| 8 March | 927 views

Your Logic Frightens Me Mandela

Your Logic Frightens Me Mandela By Wole Soyinka, Nigeria Your logic frightens me, Mandela, Your logic frightens me. Those years Of dreams, of time (...)

| 4 March | 1003 views

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. By David P. Carroll, Freetown, Sierra Leone It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and Everyone is Irish today So let’s have some fun (...)

| 27 February | 701 views