From the Editor’s Keyboard

Police have a duty not to allow lawlessness

By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown. Recent events have sent shock waves across most communities and instilled a fear of violence waiting to (...)

| September 2017 | 1980 views

Open letter to His Excellency President Ernest Koroma

Dear President Koroma, As an unabashed, unflinching, uncompromising, and biased supporter of our beloved APC party, I am writing this open letter to you to (...)

| September 2017 | 2942 views

Let’s get serious

By Titus Boye-Thompson,Guest Writer, Freetown. The English have a word for it. It is known as ignominy. It is the demonstration of silly behaviour when (...)

| August 2017 | 1909 views

President Koroma mourns like a statesman

By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown. Very few will see the impact that President Koroma brings to times of very high emotions and grief. (...)

| August 2017 | 1855 views

President Koroma and the War Victims Trust Fund

Editor’s Note: This article was first published here on October 22, 2009. By Bai-Bai Sesay, PV correspondent, Freetown, Sierra Leone. After our (...)

| August 2017 | 1964 views

Not Everybody Can Become a Minister

Editor’s Note: This editorial written by Gibril Koroma, was first published October 16, 2007. Editorial Since the naming of a cabinet by president (...)

| August 2017 | 2520 views

APC Bounces Back With Vigour

Editor’s Note: This editorial by publisher Gibril Koroma, was first published here in the Patriotic Vanguard on April 17th, 2007. "The next step for the (...)

| July 2017 | 1980 views

The Mano River Union: An update

By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Economic integration institutions are very highly dependent on political will and the (...)

| July 2017 | 3174 views

Should Rwanda be the template for project Africa?

By J Boima Rogers, Oxford, UK. The rise of Rwanda from its nadir in 1994 when 800,000 people were killed in genocide against the minority Tutsi has been (...)

| July 2017 | 3209 views