From the Editor’s Keyboard

Mamammah international airport must be built

By Tony Bee, Guest Writer, Sydney, Australia. E-mail: Firstly, I would like my readers to know that I am not one of President (...)

| December 2015 | 1910 views

Clay Factory snafu

I recently read a story in some Sierra Leonean newspapers that got me shaking my head in total consternation. The story in brief says some senior (...)

by Gibril Koroma, CEO/Publisher | November 2015 | 1750 views

Only fools don’t change

By Tony Bee, Guest Writer, Sydney, Australia. Only fools cannot change for good or better. However, certain things in the universe cannot change because (...)

| November 2015 | 1705 views

Random thoughts

Technology and African leaders Politcs in Africa are changing fast with the rise of information technology (cell phones, social media, computers and the (...)

by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, CEO/Publisher | October 2015 | 1815 views

Our condolences to families of Mina tragedy victims

What happened recently in Mina, a Saudi Arabian city, is beyond sadness itself. Over 700 Muslim pilgrims perished in a horrific stampede as they were (...)

| September 2015 | 1477 views