From the Editor’s Keyboard

Drug traffickers, peddlers and gangs

Opinion By Essa Thaim Krugba, Guest Writer, Kambia. All are criminals. This article is about showing the thin fine line about people who are addicted (...)

| March 2017 | 2010 views

SLPP must heal their internal wounds

Commentary By Thaim Krugba, Guest Writer, Kambia, Sierra Leone. Each and every one of us has emotional wounds, but until we admit it, we will remain (...)

| March 2017 | 1999 views

Taking America and the world down again

Opinion By J Boima Rogers, Guest Writer, Oxford, UK. Donald Trump in the White House, the most powerful position in the world, is an alarming (...)

| January 2017 | 2041 views

Taking a cue from President Ernest Koroma

As we begin the year 2017, we have identified a resounding theme in President Ernest Koroma’s New Year message. It is a theme that is similar to one (...)

| January 2017 | 1969 views

Analyzing Canada’s weather temperatures

By Abayomi Charles Roberts, General Editor, Edmonton, Canada. In Canada, weather temperatures are Just put it mildly. They shape our Way (...)

| December 2016 | 1802 views

Politics may not survive as a contact sport

Opinion By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Some people refer to politics as a game. If that is the case, then we have (...)

| December 2016 | 1985 views

Nationalism trumps liberalism and globalisation

By J Boima Rogers,Guest Writer, Oxford, UK.* The victory of Donald Trump was like an earthquake which signalled the electorate’s misgivings about (...)

| November 2016 | 3005 views

The politics of blame

Commentary By Titus Boye-Thompson, Freetown. The fiasco which now surrounds the botched attempt by opposition activists to make political capital out (...)

| November 2016 | 1797 views

Why Trump won

Opinion By Dagbayonoh Kiah Nyanfore II, Guest Writer, USA*. The results of the US Presidential election 2016 took the public, and many pollsters (...)

| November 2016 | 2015 views