From the Editor’s Keyboard

Is Donald Trump an SLPP Paopa?

Opinion By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia, Correspondent. A man call Donald Trump is currently creating bad history for future American History books. (...)

| October 2016 | 3207 views

Who audits the auditors?

By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown. Financial reports have always been very dull and mundane records of the state of affairs of an (...)

| October 2016 | 3081 views

Why open old wounds?

Commentary By Dr. Nanah Sheriff Fofanah-Sesay, Special Contributor on Health and Gender Issues, Virginia, USA. Female genital mutilation (FGM) (...)

| October 2016 | 3646 views

Isa Johanssen’s dignified silence

Commentary By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Public life holds out too much risk for the fainthearted in Sierra Leone. (...)

| September 2016 | 3197 views

Another plaudit for the Sierra Leone Police

Opinion By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. There will always be skirmishes, lawlessness and some errant behaviour when (...)

| September 2016 | 3253 views

Maximize your leverage, Buhari!

Opinion By J Boima Rogers, Guest Writer, Oxford, United Kingdom. It is a little over a year ago when I suggested an agenda for President Buhari to (...)

| August 2016 | 2220 views

That unfortunate incident in Kabala

By Titus Boye-Thompson, Freetown. The mere mention of riots in Kabala is a serious matter for contention, the area being wedged in the northern-most tip (...)

| August 2016 | 2265 views

Brexit and the Commonwealth

Opinion By Dr. Falla Lamin, Guest Writer, USA. Eleven visionary leaders inspired the creation of the European Union (EU) as we see it today. Without (...)

| August 2016 | 2630 views

BREXIT and the Sierra Leone conundrum

Opinion By Titus Boye-Thompson, Guest Writer, Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was Francis Fukuyama (1989) who predicted that the advance of neo (...)

| August 2016 | 2559 views