From the Editor’s Keyboard

Prime Minister Trudeau reflects on the Speech from the Throne, Covid-19 and Climate Change

24 November 2021 at 19:45 | 273 views

Note from the Editor: What follows is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reflecting on the recent Speech from the throne delivered by Her Excellency Mary Simon and the fight against the dreadful Covid-19. He also writes about Climate Change whose effects are now seen all over the world including British Columba, here in Canada.

This decade got off to an incredibly difficult start - there’s no question about that. But this is the moment to rebuild. This is the moment to get big things done. This is the moment to shape a better future for our kids. And in today’s Speech from the Throne, we shared our plan to meet this moment.

Our top priority remains finishing the fight against COVID-19, and we know the best way to do that is vaccination. So we’ll get the job done on vaccines. But we’ll also focus on rebuilding an economy that works for everyone. We’ll keep working to grow the middle class. And we’ll tackle the rising cost of living and make your life more affordable.

At the same time, we’ll go further on tackling climate change - and faster. We’ll do more to create the good, green jobs of the future. And to protect you and your family, we’ll work harder to make your community safer. We’ll also keep standing up for diversity and make Canada more inclusive for everyone. We’ll move faster on the path of reconciliation, in partnership with Indigenous Peoples. And we’ll continue to strengthen our partnerships with countries around the world.

So, while this decade has not been easy so far, it’s still young - and we have the power to make it better. For more on how we can do that, and to learn about our plans for making your life more affordable and building a brighter future for our kids, click here: