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Emmerson Hits Winnipeg, Canada, June 16

By David Koroma, Winnipeg. He has brought the heat to the airwaves and dance halls in Sierra Leone, The Gambia, England, USA, Holland, Australia and (...)

| May 2007 | 484 views

Bo: SLPP Doles out Party Symbols

By Edie Vandy. It seems all is now set for the August 11, 2007 Parliamentary battle, following the ruling party’s move to dole out party symbols (...)

| May 2007 | 450 views

PMDC Offers Assistance to Indictees’ Families

The North American branch of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC -USA) is pleased to offer financial assistance to the families of the (...)

| May 2007 | 1137 views

UNDP to host National Forum on Microfinance

The National Microfinance Forum takes place from Tuesday, 22nd to Wednesday 23rd May 2007 at Kimbima Hotel, Freetown. Hosted by United Nations Development (...)

| May 2007 | 267 views

SLMWA Launches ADR Handbook

The Sierra Leone Market Women’s Association (SLMWA) has launched the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Handbook on Monday 21st May 2007 at the British (...)

| May 2007 | 212 views

A Reply from Toegondoe Sagba aka Morie Mussafa

Mr. Taylor-Kamara, I have to be honest with you in saying that I have always respected your approach to issues. But for the first time, I have to say (...)

| May 2007 | 293 views

NASSIT, Kabbah and Berewa

Commentary. By Mohamed A. Jalloh,USA. Regarding the recent opening of the NASSIT office in Makeni by President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, it is (...)

| May 2007 | 451 views

Special Court: George Gelega-King Re-elected

Justice George Gelaga King of Sierra Leone has been unanimously re-elected Presiding Judge of the Appeals Chamber, a post which makes him President of the (...)

| May 2007 | 334 views