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Pressure Mounts On Kabbah

PMDC leader Charles Margai fires another letter to the international community on president Kabbah of Sierra Leone. 1st November, 2005 TO: 1. Civil (...)

| November 2005 | 490 views

Liberia: Politics and the Taylor Factor

By Abu B. Shaw, London. All the twenty-two presidential candidates in Liberia had one common denominator. Handing over former president Charles Taylor to (...)

| October 2005 | 574 views

The Gloria Newman-Smart Saga

Statement read by Dr. Sylvia rt Olayinka Blyden at the Press Conference called on October 11th 2005 in Sierra Leone about the death of Gloria Newman Smart (...)

| October 2005 | 622 views

New VC Unveils His Dreams

Professor Aiah Gbakima is the new Vice Chancellor of the university of Sierra Leone. In this speech, his first major speech since his appointment, he (...)

| October 2005 | 634 views

Halloran Wants His Job Back

An appeal court in Sierra Leone has acquitted an Australian war crimes investigator convicted earlier this year of indecently assaulting a teenage girl in (...)

| October 2005 | 394 views

New Party to Shake Freetown Soon

The political climate in Sierra Leone is getting more and more turbulent and everything seems to be put on hold as the country’s politicians prepare (...)

by Gibril Koroma | October 2005 | 591 views

War and Peace in Sierra Leone-A Reaction

By Gbakanda Kamara, Norway A lot has been said about the war in Sierra Leone and a lot more will be said as time goes on.Of course most of what is said (...)

| September 2005 | 458 views

Blockbuster: Zainab Bangura Breaks Silence.

Blockbuster: Zainab Bangura Breaks Silence.

This interview was first published in September 2005.We are re-publishing it to remind readers of the views and thought processes of Sierra Leone’s (...)

| September 2005 | 679 views

Letter to Sierra Leone’s Parliamentarians

Dear Honorable Parliamentarians: Throughout Sierra Leone’s history, each generation of leaders has had to respond to the clarion call to do what is (...)

| September 2005 | 458 views