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Sierra Leone Receives USD144m from BADEA

Sierra Leone Receives USD144m from BADEA

The presidents of Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Malawi, have separately visited the headquarters of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, BADEA, (...)

| January 2006 | 618 views

Makeni Scenes (Part 2)

Another interesting set of Makeni photos by Saidu Kaye Sesay.In this set we have Makeni town council chairman Mansaray,Doombs,a popular Makeni comedian, (...)

| January 2006 | 498 views

Makeni Scenes

One of our correspondents in London, Saidu Kaye Sesay, was recently in Sierra Leone. On a trip to Makeni, the capital of the northern province, he observed (...)

| January 2006 | 561 views

Sierra Leone Versus Abass Bundu

Sierra Leone Versus Abass Bundu

Yet another article on one of Sierra Leone’s political mavericks, the inimitable Dr. Abass Bundu.The present writer, Kalilu’s take is a little (...)

| January 2006 | 680 views

Meet Our London Bureau Chief

Meet Our London Bureau Chief

Many readers have called us to ask questions about our hardworking London Bureau Chief, Abu Bakarr Shaw.They want to see and know more about the man. Here (...)

by Gibril Koroma | January 2006 | 677 views

Message to the Kono People of Sierra Leone

By Agnes Dugba Macauley. I have heard of a lot of events about my people and being a Kono myself, I have great faith in them. Kono has a lot of learned (...)

| January 2006 | 1074 views