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SL Grammar School Thanksgiving

Sierra Leone Grammar School Alumni Association of North America Invites You To its Annual Thanksgiving Service Place: St. Luke’s Episcopal (...)

| March 2006 | 615 views

Borbor Belleh Mania Hits Holland

By Teddy Foday-Musa, Vanguard Correspondent in Holland. The Sierra Leonean Diaspora Community in the Netherlands is gearing up for a live musical (...)

| March 2006 | 713 views

OBBA (USA) Celebrates

The Old Bo Boys Association (OBBA) of the United States of America, in celebration of One Hundred Years of Excellence in Education in Sierra (...)

| March 2006 | 1653 views

New Union Leader Blasts Labour Minister

By Alpha Jalloh, Patriotic Vanguard Senior Correspondent,Freetown To make another milestone in the history of Sierra Leone, the Sierra Leone Labour (...)

| March 2006 | 552 views

Charles Margai Arrested, Again!

By Karamoh Kabba, Patriotic Vanguard Bureau Chief, USA At least five thousand people were out on the streets of Freetown today demonstrating against the (...)

| February 2006 | 1067 views

PMDC Manifesto (Final Version)

This is the final version of the PMDC manifesto. What we published earlier was a draft. MANIFESTO OF THE PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT FOR DEMOCRATIC (...)

| February 2006 | 761 views

Bench Warrant For Charles Margai !

By our Freetown Correspondent The relationship between Chares Margai(photo) whose father was founding member of the Sierra Loene Peoples Party and the (...)

| February 2006 | 510 views

Norman Trial: Kabbah May or May Not Appear

COMMENTARY By Alfred Munda SamForay The first session of the defence phase in the matter of Prosecutor versus Sam Hinga Norman, Moinina Fofana and (...)

| February 2006 | 494 views