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SLPP UK/Ireland Jimmy Songa’s crocodile tears...

2015-01-30 17:41:35

Commentary By Jarrah Kawusu-Konte, Freetown. I did state back in November 2014 that there was a concerted and well-orchestrated ploy by certain opposition politicians that are dead set on undermining the gains this government is making and trying to use Ebola as a campaign weapon against the ruling party. Now they have upped their game to decry the painstaking efforts of Statistics Sierra Leone in their attempt to conduct a national housing and population census as is mandated after (...)

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Virginia Hospital Center contributes to Ebola fight in Sierra Leone

28 January

. Commentary
By Felix F. Sesay, Virginia, USA. A crisis in some circles is perceived as a situation where in the realization of a definite action must no longer be delayed, because there is no solution within the existing framework.
This is the grim situation in which my native country, Sierra Leone, finds itself in the face of an Ebola Virus Disease that has been rampantly killing its citizens. In addition to the loss of countless lives, Ebola also brought to a screeching halt, (...)

Freetown: COS Chairs second social protection forum

26 January

The Office of Chief of Staff in partnership with the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) Thursday 22nd January 2015 held the second session of the social protection inter-agency forum at the credentials hall, State House, Freetown.
The forum, according to a State House report, brought together professional heads from ministries, departments and agencies, who discussed the way forward to rollout the social protection strategy.
State House Chief of Staff Mr Saidu Conton Sesay (...)

President Koroma speaks on new ebola strategy

22 January

Broadcast to the Nation
By His Excellency the President
Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma January 22, 2015.
Fellow Sierra Leoneans,
We have been ensuring a steady downward trend in the number of Ebola cases in Sierra Leone over the past seven weeks and I wish to express my deep and sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to this achievement. In my working visits to all districts and nearly all treatment centers in the preceding months to urge, endorse and monitor the measures we (...)

Sierra Leonean doctor offered Aspen Institute fellowship

20 January

By Alhassan Fouard Kanu, Freetown.
Aspen Institute, based in Washington DC in the USA is supported by the Melinda Gates Foundation and offers fellowships to development experts from Africa and other parts of the developing world.
Fellows are drawn from a variety of development disciplines, ranging from public health and education to poverty alleviation, agriculture, and sanitation and community activism. The selected fellows are experts in their fields who have a deep understanding of (...)

President Koroma receives new Presidential Guard

14 January

President Ernest Bai Koroma Tuesday January 13 received a cross-section of the members of the presidential guard force at State House.
The presidential guard is aimed at bringing both the Police and the Army under one command to provide a conducive security environment for the presidency to function effectively. The force will be responsible for providing security operations and management, training operations and weapon handling.
The president thanked the security sector for putting (...)

The power of prayer and fasting

by Gibril Koroma - 1 January

What a lot of people do not know or have not observed is that President Ernest Bai Koroma is a deeply religious person. So is his spouse First Lady Sia Koroma. We thus have a very religious couple at the helm of our country, ladies and gentlemen. Maybe that’s why a lot of Sierra Leoneans and non-Sierra Leoneans trust President Ernest Bai Koroma.
The President has called for a week of national prayer and fasting. He must have arrived at this decision from a fundamental (...)

Happy Holidays, Sierra Leone!

by Gibril Koroma, CEO/Publisher - 30 December 2014

On behalf of the staff and numerous contributors of the Patriotic Vanguard, I would like to extend to the Government and People of Sierra Leone a Merry Christmas and an Ebola-free New Year.
Indeed we have suffered enormously this year, a year that will die out soon. We have suffered before during the civil war, but Ebola, being invisible, has taken us beyond suffering this time, into the realm of the apocalyptic unknown. Yet, we continue to fight and will soon conquer the invisible enemy. (...)

Port Loko Locks Down 12 AM Today

23 December 2014

By Ibrahim Siraju Bah, Freetown.
Stakeholders of Porto Loko district have set up the Port Loko Ebola Surge Committee to discuss strategic measures in tackling the Ebola virus disease in the district. The Committee has agreed to lockdown the district for two weeks to institute an intensive house to house search in order to thoroughly screen the people and take those that are sick out of their communities into holding centers where they will undergo the necessary scrutiny.
Addressing the (...)

UN Chief Commits to Help End Ebola in Sierra Leone

20 December 2014

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has reaffirmed the UN’s strong commitment to help the country put the Ebola outbreak under control. He paid glowing tribute to the leadership of President Koroma in the handling of the national response to the outbreak, saying that such a good work would have been impossible without a strong and dedicated team.
The UN Scribe also join the president to urge strong social mobilization to engender community involvement by enforcing the byelaws as well (...)

President Koroma Speaks on Christmas Restrictions

17 December 2014

Address by His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma on Restriction of Movement Between Districts During Christmas Period.
Fellow Sierra Leoneans, since our country registered its first case of Ebola on the 25th of May 2014, my government has been working tirelessly with its international partners to bring an end to this outbreak.
The outbreak has been a very difficult period for our country. But through out all these difficulties we remain resilient as a people. We have (...)

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Re-opening of schools in Sierra Leone: Another big challenge

by Gibril Gbanabome Koroma, CEO/Publisher

I know a lot of people will be apprehensive about the re-opening of schools in our country just when we are beginning to witness the death throes of the dreaded ebola virus disease. I am one of (...)


The truth about reporting corruption

By Abdulai Saccoh, Anti-Corruption Commission, Freetown, Sierra Leone. As a specialized anti-graft agency, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has been (...)