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Poetry: For our mentor, Eldred Jones, at 90

For Our Mentor, Eldred Jones, at 90 (Eldred Durosimi Jones, 6th January 1924- ) By Jonathan Peters, Freetown, Sierra Leone. I cannot say ‘Welcome (...)

| February 2015 | 3783 views

Poetry: Thanksgiving, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 By Willie James King, USA. Ate well. Didn’t pig-out. Still took my walk though, and I returned home facing another cold, (...)

| December 2014 | 2891 views

An Ode to my Brother

To my friend and brother Dr. Modupeh J.H. Cole. By Koyie Mansaray, a bosom friend and brother, Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. Ebola in faraway Congo has come (...)

| August 2014 | 3810 views

Poetry: Purpose

Purpose By Willie James King, Montgomery, Alabama, USA. In a stilled summer sunlit part of the lake, I can see burnished, silver, (...)

| July 2014 | 3026 views

Poetry: AIDS

AIDS, a poem by Barolong Seboni, Botswana*. how cruel these modern times… we make love in ignorance and at birth a terrible new (...)

| December 2013 | 4561 views

Poetry: The Last Salsa in New York

The Last Salsa in New York By fayia sellu, Berkeley, USA. Fishes are not the only things That pass under the Brooklyn Bridge O! the hearts (...)

| August 2013 | 6788 views

Poetry: After a Commonwealth Conference

After a Commonwealth Conference By Ama Ata Aidoo, Ghana. Because you are here to remind me to be grateful to - it must be The (...)

| June 2013 | 2993 views

Poetry: Men

Men By Maya Angelou, USA. When I was young, I used to Watch behind the curtains As men walked up and down the street. Wino men, old men. (...)

| June 2013 | 2865 views

Poetry: Ignite the Fire

Ignite the Fire By Prince Kanokanga, Harare, Zimbabwe. Could it be the stripes on his back Those hard black and white lines They’re not hard (...)

| April 2013 | 2606 views

Poetry: My Beautiful Serra Lyoa

My Beautiful "Serra Lyoa"(Sierra Leone). By Albert Momoh, Freetown, Sierra Leone. My gracious, my picturesque, my beautiful Serra Lyoa (...)

| February 2013 | 2724 views