Ghana, Pan-Africanism and the African Union

The following is a speech delivered recently at the University of Bergen, Norway, by Mohamed Boye Jallo-Jamboria, the Patriotic Vanguard’s Norway (...)

| March 2007 | 2263 views

A Tribute to Musa Khalil Suma (1942-2007)

"Musa Suma’s formative experience growing up in the tribally, religiously, and culturally diverse homes in the rural provinces and in the urban capital city (...)

| March 2007 | 2213 views

Relating Literature to Politics in Sierra Leone

"However, the SLPP should know that the powerful can go down the drains if the people so desire. Therefore, the SLPP should allow the wish of the people (...)

| March 2007 | 637 views

Guinea: A State of Suspension

An explosive political crisis is subsiding. But the west African state(of Guinea) is still caught between an ailing autocrat, a desperate people and an (...)

| March 2007 | 420 views

The day Norman’s heroism became a curse

"To some, he is considered a war hero. To others, he is a villain that deserves nothing but indictment for war crimes and should have been found guilty, (...)

| February 2007 | 636 views

On Hinga Norman’s Death and Sierra Leone

"The political implications of Norman’s death as we prepare for the already slated 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections will be enormous. Prior to (...)

| February 2007 | 622 views