The Media in Sierra Leone

Vanguard Winnipeg correspondent Sahr Musa Yamba(photo) had originally planned to deliver this paper at a recent Toronto media event but could not attend (...)

| February 2007 | 3243 views

The 2007 Election — The way I see it

"The SLPP might face the prospect of being kicked out of office ONLY if it faces Margai in a run off. I foresee the bulk of the APC vote in the North and (...)

| February 2007 | 699 views

Berewa, Ernest, Margai: Choosing the lesser evil

"However, in Sierra Leone where the aspiration is to copy western democracy, it is the reverse that obtains. The political chessboard has been relegated to (...)

| February 2007 | 1958 views

A Typology of Sierra Leone Regime Types

Another brilliant piece from the learned John Lansana Musa of Maryland, USA.He was responding to another Sierra Leonean scholar, professor Abdul Karim (...)

| January 2007 | 1123 views

Dancing with Sonti.

"By and large, these are the roadmaps that well-meaning Sierra Leoneans must look at to see what the future holds in store for them. As the saying goes: (...)

| January 2007 | 693 views