Tejan Kabbah’s legacy (Final Part)

"While it is true that the fiscal policies of the Tejan Kabbah government have been largely commended by international financial institutions like the (...)

| July 2007 | 711 views

SLPP and the Tribal Card

"Of course, the tribal trump card has always been the SLPP secret element of last resort. There has always been the nationwide perception and allegation (...)

| July 2007 | 598 views

A Look at the SLPP’s Housing Policies

"At the same time, we witnessed public resources being used for putting up gated mansions. It is unclear why His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah chose to (...)

| July 2007 | 621 views

How significant is the SLPP Manifesto?

"This begs the question as to whether the SLPP is actually serious about committing themselves once again to similar failed promises they made 10 years (...)

| July 2007 | 839 views

Ruffled Feathers in the Land of the Penguins

If all goes well in the ongoing senate amendments to the immigration draft bill agreed upon by members of congress a month ago, millions of immigrants will (...)

| July 2007 | 951 views

Seeds of Sedition

"The long term-effects of media-battering remain clear and potentially risky. The risk of irresponsible journalism should be carefully weighed against what (...)

| July 2007 | 1087 views

Foreign Exchange Stability in Sierra Leone

"For Sierra Leone to be integrated into the world economy or be well positioned on the threshold of economic growth, exchange rate regime or price (...)

| July 2007 | 1057 views

Advice to SLPP: Don’t Use the Sledgehammer!

"Mr. Neville in conclusion should not be prosecuted at all for this publication. The government should take the high road and lead by example. The “truth is (...)

| July 2007 | 446 views

Sierra Leone Journalists and Politics

"Patrice Lumumba, who was murdered in a filthy international conspiracy implemented by Mobutu in the sixties for his Pan-Africanism, would be pinching (...)

| June 2007 | 734 views

SLPP: Old and New Draw Daggers

"Because of this unfairness to the SLPP Old Timers, I am writing to ask those SLPP Parliamentarians who have been dumped by Berewa and JJ Blood, to come (...)

| June 2007 | 481 views

Prince Harding Should be Quiet

"But why do you think he is doing this? I bet you, knowing this government as I do, that Dr. Harding’s case will well die a natural death just as the cases (...)

| June 2007 | 993 views