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Sierra Leone: A baobab has fallen

16 March 2023 at 20:36 | 1561 views

By Santigie Momoh, Freetown, Sierra Leone

A baobab (huge tree in Africa) has fallen. That is how most Sierra Leonean that studied at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone saw the passing of Professor Kosonike Koso-Thomas ( pictured).

A former Vice Chancellor of the University , Civil Engineering professor and poet, the late scholar is seen not only as one of the intellectuals whose names are synonymous with higher education in Sierra Leone but as one of the patriotic Sierra Leoneans who never left for greener pastures abroad despite the horrendous political and economic troubles the country was going through. Almost all the leading civil engineers in the country were taught by him. He not only taught some of them but let them gain practical experience at his engineering firm, Techsult.

The family says he paseed on Tuesday March 14th and that funeral arrangeents will be announced later.

He was 91.

Here is Professor Kosonike Koso-Thomas in 2015: