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Obituary: Dennis Reynold Nelson-Streeter

5 April 2024 at 20:29 | 1689 views


Dennis Reynold Nelson-Streeter

The death is reported of Mr. Dennis Reynold Prince Kobina Nelson-Streeter of Tank Yard, Wilberforce,
formerly of #1 Smythe Street Congo Market.
Aged: 65 years
He is survived by his wife Marcella Nelson-Streeter
Children: Derine & Delphine Nelson-Streeter in the UK, Prince Nelson Bangura, Mohamed & Hannah Jengo, Sonia & James Pite in the UK, Nazim & Jeredine El-kurdi & Charles Bendu.

Brother & Sisters: Eileen Wilson, Nathaniel Kwame Nelson-Streeter, Odette During & Noella Nelson-

Nieces & Nephews: Delphina Adekumbi Cole, Rufus Williams in the USA, Marionette Pratt, Rodney & Claudia Nelson-Streeter, Dennis & Jill Okoni -Williams in UK, Avalyn in the USA, Eileen & Nathan Nelson-Streeter, Shirley Kainyek, Leslie & Lynn Nelson-Williams, Claudia Green & Christina John.

Grand Children: include Arthur & Rachel Pearce, Alex Williams, Edison Massah, Ama Nelson-Streeter, Miclyn & Miclynna Belmoh, Kobina Nelson-Streeter, Dennis Okoni-Williams Jnr. Esther & Yassin.

Uncles & Aunties: Mrs. Nellie Ajami, Mrs. Florence Lewis, Henry & Margaret Moore, Mrs. Charlotte Carew, Elizabeth Nelson-Williams, Horatio & Margaret Nelson-Williams, Samuel & Gemina Acher-Davies, Alfred & Gloria Nelson- Williams, Mrs. Linda Williams & Yvone Archer-Davies in the USA

Cousins: Ernestine Ojumu, Gwendoline Akingba, Victoria Bartels in Nigeria, Brima, Amina & Hashim Gibril, Princess Williams in the UK, Larry Nicols, Rev. Dr. Herbert Coker, Florence Coker-Campbell, Josephine Faulkner, Joseph Hinton, Dr. Eva Carew all in the USA, Florence Freeman, Khadija Adams, Clarence & Victor Nelson-Williams, Fatmeh & Abdul Ajami, Dennis Streeter, Georgia Musa, Roseline Fraser, Juno Carew &
Sibella Williams in the USA, Joseph Elliott, Claudine & Kevin Kingsley-Williams, Gustavus & Gordon Coker, Tele & Gloria Dove, Moses Streeter.

In-Laws: Alex Wilson, Mrs. Victoria Thomas, Rev. Michael Belmoh, Ransford & Karen Thomas in Freetown, Donald & Kadi Don-Thomas, Rev Christiana Thomas, Joseph & Dr. (Mrs.) Eleanor Vincent, Jennifer & Sameh Nasseh all in the USA

Close Relatives: Streeters, Nelson-Williams, Gibrils, Venn, John, Cokers & Ademu-John familiesin the USA, Williams, Hedd-Williams, Hycy-Wilson family, Thomas of 4 Vincent Drive, Chetham-Smart, Nelson, Elliott, Archer-Davies, Ajami, Kingsley-Williams, Cole, Charlotte Carew family, Anthony-Williams Family, Marvel
Long-John, Dennis Woode family, Heroes, Walcott-Taylor, Caramba-Coker, Jackson-Hamilton, Carrol, Boyze & Rev Saratou Sandy, SHOT Macauley, Rev, Besola Collier & Gordon Adams

Close Friends: Pamela Davies, Anuerin & Alan Smith, Dorothy Awoonor-Gordon, Noel Atere-Roberts, Josephine Kamara of SLBC, Maize Johnson, Alieu & Abdul Iscandri, Julian Lennox Cole, Prof. Dr. Handel Wright, Dr. Kayode Robin-Coker, Rev. David Vandi, Minister Gileh Scholtz, Prince & Adebayo Thorpe, Donald Davies, Alexander Jarret, Krio Descendants Union Global, Rotary Club, Tabule Theatre, Superintendent & Staff of Freetown Central Circuit, Zion Methodist Church Wilberforce Street Choir &
Men’s Fellowship, Local Preachers Association, District Grand Lodges of Sierra Leone & The Gambia, Lodge, Leona No. 1644 SC, Prince of Wales Lodge No. 9257 EC & other Lodges, Prince of Wales Old Boys Association & Brass Band, Friends of Krio Wendys and Tank Yard community.

Civic Laying Out is on Friday 26th April from 10:00AM to ------ at the New City Hall, Wallace Johnson Street.
Vigil is on Saturday 27th April at Zion Methodist Church Wilberforce Street at 7:00pm
The body will be laid out on Sunday April 28th, at his Tank Yard residence, Wilberforce, from 9:00AM to10:00AM, then at George Ackland Masonic Temple, Lightfoot Boston Street, from 10:30AM to 11:30AM then at Zion Methodist Church Wilberforce Street from 12:00 Noon – 1:50PM
Funeral Service starts at 2:00PM. Interment at the Race Course Cemetery, Cline Town.