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Remembering Uncle Eldred and Aunty Marjorie

Remembering Uncle Eldred and Aunty Marjorie: a family photo evokes warm personal memories From the personal blog of Amelia Fitzjohn Broderick, retired (...)

| 1 month ago | 1241 views

Sierra Leone: 35 Covid-19 cases, no death

Sierra Leone has recorded five (5) new cases bringing the total number of positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 to 35. Currently, there is no death and (...)

| 1 month ago | 1161 views

Tolongbo Pan Body and the Paolo case

Opinion Why is the Tolongbo "Pan Body" trying so hard to politicise a criminal trial? By Abdulai Braima I don’t know why the APC has become (...)

| 1 month ago | 1171 views

Covid-19: One new case in Sierra Leone

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, Sierra Leone, last evening (14th April 2020) recorded one (1) new case bringing the total (...)

| 1 month ago | 1391 views

Easy Solar launches Online sales platform

Easy Solar, the leading solar company in Sierra Leone with more than 350,000 daily users, has announced the launch of an online sales portal that enables (...)

| 1 month ago | 1597 views

Cautioning Oswald over Sylvia

Opinion By Abdulai Braima Dear “Guru” Oswald Hanciles, I think your curious attempt to “clean up” Sylvia and present her in the bright light of her (...)

| 1 month ago | 1468 views