Sylvia Blyden’s Judgement Call

By Dr. Kayode Robbin-Coker, United Kingdom. Yesterday’s Awareness Times (AT) Newspaper carried a piece by Dr Sylvia Blyden quaintly titled "Antecedent of (...)

| May 2009 | 1972 views

Sierra Leone’s tourism troubles

By Patrick S. Bernard, Lancaster, PA, USA. The Sierra Leone media and some in England were abuzz last week covering former British Prime Minister Tony (...)

| May 2009 | 1220 views

Somalia: Pirates or Patriots of the Sea?

By Alie Kabba, USA. It is disheartening, once again, to see the butchery of truth by an oversimplification of complex phenomena in a place that has (...)

| April 2009 | 1159 views

I have a Real Dream!

By Dr. Foday M. Kallon, Freetown, Sierra Leone. International public opinion has learned with indignation about happenings in Freetown and Sierra Leone (...)

| April 2009 | 799 views

Challenges to democracy: The military in Guinea

Dadis Camara of Guinea is an example of ’militariat’ rule in West Africa, writes Jibrin Ibrahim, Director of the Centre for Democracy and Development. Camara (...)

| April 2009 | 959 views

A sobering political lesson for SLPP mavericks

By Sekou Daouda Bangoura, USA. The swift and drastic response by supporters of the ruling All People’s Congress to stone-throwing hirelings and hoodlums (...)

| March 2009 | 1045 views

Is it time for a third force in Sierra Leone

By Alpha Lebbie, PV Correspondent, Boston, USA. It is almost 50 years since Sierra Leone gained independence from the British in 1961. Since then what (...)

| March 2009 | 1174 views