Protecting your own

By Moses Massa. Is it wrong or selfish to protect what you own? The question may seem absurd, and if not, the answer is obvious. It is evident in nature (...)

| October 2008 | 839 views

In endorsement of the Kortor Kamara proposal

By Lango Deen, Baltimore, USA. Recently, one of my best picks in the local press was that Information and Communication Minister Alhaji I.B. Kargbo had (...)

| October 2008 | 1378 views

On Yenga: Peace over War

By Alie Formeh Kamara, USA. Yengaโ€™s occupation by Guinean forces presents a unique problem for Sierra leone that has faced two succeeding governments.The (...)

| October 2008 | 1225 views

President Koroma makes no empty promises

By Essa Thaim-Kurugba, Maryland, USA. The auditorium at the Rutgers University Technology Center, New Brunswick in New Jersey was jam-packed and (...)

| September 2008 | 922 views

Karamoh Kabba speaks on democracy

Keynote Speech by Karamoh Kabba on International Day of Democracy September 15 2008 Mr. Chairman, (Former)President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, Hon. (...)

| September 2008 | 881 views

Essay on the CDF Appeals Decision

By Cosette Creamer, USA. About the CDF Trial The Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) issued an indictment against the three accused persons of (...)

| September 2008 | 1161 views

President Ernest Koroma and the SLPP media

By Abdul Kamara, (Chief)-USA. I must commend the APC leadership of President Dr. Koroma for a job well done in its twelve month period of leadership in (...)

| September 2008 | 912 views

The President, Kanji Daramy & Former Ministers

By Sorie Sudan Sesay, Freetown. The media is once again continuing to make huge capital out of the controversy over the leaked document of President (...)

| September 2008 | 1497 views

On police brutality and suffering teachers

Commentary By Isatu Gbla, PV Correspondent, Freetown. The recent ugly incident of members of the Fourth Estate being beaten and molested and some (...)

| August 2008 | 866 views