What Washington is willing to spend in Africa

By Scott A Morgan,USA. October 1st begins the new fiscal year in the United States. This year, FY 09, marks the end of the Bush Presidency. So in what (...)

| August 2008 | 764 views

Dear Comrades

By Essa Thaim-Kurugba, Maryland, USA. My dear Comrades, I would like to address myself, in this epistle, to all APC members in North America, and the (...)

| August 2008 | 747 views

What are you doing to help others?

I found it compelling to use once more this prestigious forum to draw the attention of Sierra Leoneans and African organizations in the Diaspora to why (...)

| July 2008 | 989 views

APC will never succumb to the devil

By Essa Thaim Kurugba, USA. “God Almighty, Sierra Leone Needs The blessings Of Our Religious Leaders and Our Ancestors”. In Sierra Leone today many of (...)

| July 2008 | 711 views

Is Gambia now becoming a Pariah State?

By Scott A Morgan At the recently concluded Emergency Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Gambia took a position that few powers are taking. The government of (...)

| July 2008 | 811 views

Is Honesty in Sierra Leone the Best Policy?

By Essa Thaim Kurugba, USA. As the wind of change is blowing over our African Continent, I was duty-bound and compelled to ask myself this question (...)

| July 2008 | 787 views

On Jacob Saffa and Kenday Kamara

By Lango Deen,USA. I cringe every time Jacob Jusu Saffa speaks. The secretary general of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, who doubles as the party’s (...)

| July 2008 | 1278 views