The Charles Margai Factor (Part 2)

By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown, Sierra Leone. I continue the second part of this serial with quotes from two of the last paragraphs in Part 1: “As (...)

| August 2009 | 693 views

The Charles Margai Factor (Part 1)

By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown. The PMDC convention in Kenema is over. The ‘founding father’, Charles Margai, won the executive elections as Leader of the (...)

| August 2009 | 711 views

Building the bridge of national trust

By Mohamed C. Bah, Ex-President Sierra Leone Community Atlanta, USA. “For it is mutual trust,even more than mutual interest that holds the human (...)

| August 2009 | 767 views

Septimus and Ernest in ‘The Contest’

By Oswald Hanciles, Freetown. Oh, yes, Prof. Septimus Kaikai (“Septimus”), the first ever Presidential Spokesman of cabinet rank in Sierra Leone, is (...)

| July 2009 | 1111 views

Eddie Turay Executed Before Judgment

By Alpha Rashid Jalloh Patriotic Vanguard Freetown Bureau Chief. I have been following events in the media with keen interest and have been compelled (...)

| July 2009 | 779 views

JOB did not win APC support in Dallas

By Daniel Buya Kanu Dallas, Texas. As an eighteen year resident of the city of Dallas in the State of Texas, a founder and long time team manager of (...)

| July 2009 | 662 views

Politics and Hypocrisy

By Nanette Thomas, President, APC Chapter, Texas. John Ben “Wins Over APC Hearts & Minds? This is nonsense and utter rubbish. John Benjamin’s (...)

| July 2009 | 667 views

The road to a middle class in Sierra Leone

By Mohamed C. Bah, EX-President Sierra Leone Community Atlanta, USA. "Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be (...)

| June 2009 | 1343 views