Politics and Hypocrisy

2 July 2009 at 02:44 | 670 views

By Nanette Thomas, President, APC Chapter, Texas.

John Ben “Wins Over APC Hearts & Minds? This is nonsense and utter rubbish. John Benjamin’s visit to Dallas was secretly coordinated by his party facilitators alongside with Tegloma members. More than 90% of the community in the Metropolitan area were not aware of the SLPP Chairman’s visit. It is cynical when a politician pretends that politics can be completely sincere and fair.

Following the speech I made on ‘Unity” among political groups during the inaugural ceremony of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Dallas Chapter on April 23, the leadership and some members of the Dallas chapter seem to antagonize many people including me the as the APC Texas Chapter leader for being overwhelming in my presentation. That is why according to source, they will never call us who are not part of them to their functions. Alpha Saidu Bangura, SLPP PRO told me (Nanette Thomas) that the mistake they made was to have allowed me to speak at the inaugural ceremony of the Dallas Chapter. This is a backward understanding of politics. We need to advance to the University of Democracy and freedom of speech as we are in country where democracy is being practiced at its highest. Many people across the city reported that “we are now enemies of the SLPP because we did not make it to the town hall meeting. My advice to all and sundry please! do not jump to conclusion. We were not invited to the meeting.

Let us view the scenario about the false report made by the SLPP Dallas chapter leadership. How can you win hearts and minds of other party members when they were not invited to the SLPP Chairman’s visit? Even if someone is interested in supporting the activities of chairman (JOB), the person will caution to do so by the kind of tribal and egocentrism applauded by the chapter leadership. May I inform the people of Sierra Leone that the SLPP Chairman (JOB) has not and will never win any vote from the All People’s Congress sympathizers in the United States except the hypocrites?

One lesson the leadership of the SLPP/NA needs to learn is that they should speak the language of unity, love and brotherhood as a good component of development in our country, rather than speaking another language that preaches sectionalism and self-importance against other tribes or community. We the supporters of APC believe in disagreement, exchange of ideas and equality of all tribes in Sierra Leone, therefore we are opened to every Sierra Leonean in our activities. Let me state that the SLPP/NA and especially the SLPP Dallas chapter will never score goal in our guided principles of genuine politics. Professor P.K. Muana needs to be man with gusts and reveal the names of the APC supporters that have been contacting JOB. Who is the daughter of the prominent retired APC Minister who gave the SLPP $50.00 donation? Is $50 United States Dollars money for the SLPP to be boasting about? CHEAP POLITICS.

There is one thing I will not hesitate to say, which is that, the APC party is gaining momentum day in and day out – and there is no question about it. During the town hall meeting in Houston Texas Sierra Leoneans were not allowed to ask questions directly without the questions being screened by the SLPP members. Why are you guys afraid of your own shadow? What are you trying to hide? The world knows that Jon Oponjo Benjamine has blood on his hands. If he can’t stand the heat, he should not go into the kitchen. APC does not hide information from the world. When two SLPP giants, Dr S.B.Saccoh and Dr. Lansanah Nyallay, decided upon their own free will to cross over to the APC party the APC made it public. SLPP needs to come up with the names of the APC members that were calling JOB as well as the name of the daughter of the APC retired Minister so that the world would prove them worthy of emulation. Until they do so it is only a fixation of imagination, and we will continue to call them LIARS, AND LIARS AND LIARS. Keep dreaming SLPP. It is good to dream. The ballot box will speak again come 2012.

Long live the APC!

Long live the people of Sierra Leone!

Long live the Texas Chapter!