Freetown Cleaning: What a Big, Fat, Shame.

"SLPP have totally failed to meet the expectations of Sierra Leoneans even at street cleaning level and also shamefully failed to deliver even one of their (...)

| March 2006 | 544 views

Guinea: Big Brother or Big Bully?

"Ahmad Sekou Toure and Mangeh Lansana Conte, gave asylum to Sierra Leonean leaders like Bandaelay Siaka Stevens, Joseph Saidu Momoh, Valentine Esaegrabo (...)

| March 2006 | 649 views

PMDC Manifesto Explained

"We plan to launch a “Meet the People Campaign” back home to explain the PMDC manifesto in the local dialects of our people in the towns and villages. (...)

| March 2006 | 721 views

PMDC Responds to SLPP Scribe

PMDC’s Moijue Kaikai and Karamoh Kabba recently sent us a rejoinder to remarks made in Freetown by the ruling SLPP’S Jacob Saffa. Here is the rejoinder (...)

| March 2006 | 717 views

Bo: Politicians, Teachers and Students

Recently, thousands of teachers met in Bo, the capital of the south of Sierra Leone to endorse Vice President Solomon Berewa as their candidate for the (...)

| March 2006 | 496 views

Human Rights On Trial in Sierra Leone

Deputy Editor Abdulai Bayaraytay, a former senior official of the Campaign for Good Governance (CGG) in Freetown briefly examines the health of the Sierra (...)

| March 2006 | 3436 views

Africa And The Threat Of The Pandemic Bird Flu

The avian flu is a real threat for third world or developing countries. Sierra Leone, one of the least developed countries in the world, is particularly at (...)

| February 2006 | 572 views

Of White Farmers and Exploitation

The news that white farmers from southern Africa are about to descend on Sierra Leone should not be taken lightly by intelligent Sierra Leoneans.Over the (...)

| February 2006 | 633 views