Sierra Leone and Cambodia

"The Sierra Leone special court will at least provide the testimonies of victims and perpetrators,showing how a country can implode. It will really be of (...)

| July 2006 | 575 views

Congrats, Youth Arise

"It is just another revelation to the people of Sierra Leone, especially the electorate that the present core of SLPP is bent on manipulating the people of (...)

| July 2006 | 572 views

Sumanguru’s War Cry: A Rebuttal

"Between 1977 and 1997, there was not a student protest that I didn’t take part in, instigate, organize or lead. And for all that, I must thank the (...)

| July 2006 | 662 views

Imagining Freetown’s Come Back Potential

"Imagine Freetown’s 8 urban wards and 4 rural wards that make up the Western area having the ability to choose among a dozen ward water-service operators. (...)

| July 2006 | 1205 views

Some Tips for the Sierra Leone Police

"I have said this before. Give me 50 police motorcycles and 20 cars for starters, and legislation to arm the police in doing their work and in one year’s (...)

| July 2006 | 536 views

May God Save Sierra Leone

"Until the day when human rights are guaranteed to all, democracy respected, moribund laws expunged from our law books and our constitution upheld, Sierra (...)

| July 2006 | 738 views

Orange Fever Hits Pujehun

"What struck most in the team was the people’s awareness of the Movement when some people one thought unlettered shouted, “PMDC,..PMDC!” as we processed. The (...)

| July 2006 | 643 views

FBC English Department: Oasis in the Sahara?

"No doubt, what is happening at FBC now, only reflects a national trend, one that started many years ago. Yet, even in conditions such as those described (...)

| June 2006 | 515 views

Sierra Leone One Year On: Politics as Usual

“In any society the dominant groups are the ones with the most to hide about the way society works. Very often therefore truthful analyses are bound to have (...)

| June 2006 | 3087 views

Taking the Bull By the Horns-Part 3

In the last two issues on this topic, the emphasis has been on some of the political benefits of decentralization of governance in Sierra Leone. Of course (...)

| June 2006 | 484 views