The Challenges of Development in Sierra Leone.

The following is the speech delivered by Kanja Sesay, a member of the Sierra Leone delegation at a donors’ conference in London, December 6.Kanja is the (...)

| December 2005 | 1113 views

Major Abu Noah: Soldier, Businessman and Writer.

Abu Shaw, a sports writer and former Circulation Manager of the Expo Times was one of the people arrested and detained when the Kabbah government returned (...)

| December 2005 | 752 views

Taylor, the Special Court and the Future

Perhaps the greatest diplomatic headache, at this point in time, faced by President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria is whether to hand over his guest to (...)

| November 2005 | 434 views

PMDC Press Release

As the political temperature in Sierra Leone heats up following the recent confrontation between Charles Margai of the PMDC and Solomon Berewa of the SLPP, (...)

| November 2005 | 480 views

Liberia: Playing with the Tiger’s Tail.

Abu Shaw lived for many years in Liberia where he worked as a journalist. In the early 90s he returned home to Sierra Leone before relocating to London (...)

| November 2005 | 522 views

A Travesty of Reality

James Fallah continues to react to Gbondima Gbondo’s recent article in which he (Gbondo) grappled with an earlier article written by Zubairu Wai, the (...)

| November 2005 | 491 views

Many Rivers to Cross

A critical look by Karamoh Kabba at some of the recent pronouncements of the fiery mayor of Freetown His Worship Winstanley Johnson. Karamoh also has (...)

| November 2005 | 465 views

The Politics of Filth

Under the watch of the SLPP, Freetown, the capital of Sierra leone has become one of the filthiest cities in the world, posing a health risk to its (...)

| November 2005 | 580 views

Wai Reacts to Freetown Article

This is a response by Toronto-based Sierra Leonean political scientist Zubairu Wai to a recent media attack from Freetown.Wai had earlier written an (...)

| November 2005 | 566 views

Is Solomon Berewa a Time Bomb?

Another critical look at contemporary Sierra Leone politics by one of the country’s members of the diaspora. It demonstrates the anguish, apprehension and (...)

| November 2005 | 489 views

Digging in the Wreckage for a Running Mate

This is a critical article by US-based Sierra Leonean writer Karamoh Kabba. It is an analysis of the choices and decisions Sierra Leoneans would have to (...)

| October 2005 | 725 views

Mass Deception in Sierra Leone—Part 2

Gbakanda Kamara, our man in Norway, continues his analysis of some of the issues plaguing Sierra Leone. From the preceding article and this one, we can see (...)

| October 2005 | 488 views