A Primer On The Concept Of DAD

In this article Sierra Leonean economist Mohamed Jalloh(photo) presents a revolutionary concept of self-reliance and self-empowerment by Sierra Leoneans in (...)

| September 2006 | 1004 views

A Case for Impeachment

"This naked and despicable conduct of the President is contradicted by a memo addressed to the Minister of Local Government and Community Development in (...)

| August 2006 | 644 views

The PMDC Versus Solomon Berewa & the SLPP

"The thrust of the following debate is centered on the PMDC Petition and Mr. Berewa’s rebuttal. In the light of the fact that the existing Constitution (...)

| August 2006 | 954 views

Who Administers Sierra Leonean Elections?

"When the ruling party starts calling the shots in elections, announcing and fixing dates, the detachment and neutrality of the NEC dissipates and bias (...)

| August 2006 | 792 views

Sierra Leone: Booby Traps in the Next Elections

"Sierra Leone has gone through a crucial period and is still creeping. There is the hope that NEC would try to hold the balance, so that even if there was (...)

| August 2006 | 466 views

Ethiopia: A year after the elections

It’s more than a year since the May 2005 Ethiopian elections collapsed in chaos, resulting in violence, arrests, imprisonments and a press crackdown. How (...)

| August 2006 | 455 views

Blair’s Forgotten War

"The political classes have much to answer for. President Kabbah and his Sierra Leone People’s Party (the SLPP) - Blair’s good guys’ - won a 70 per cent majority

| August 2006 | 3854 views

Taking the Bull by the Horns—Part 4

"Look at the present crop of politicians in Sierra Leone; it is evident that it is the same crop of people that were in the APC with some new recruits. The (...)

| August 2006 | 478 views