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Sierra Leone: BBC stringer expresses concern over opposition threats

17 January 2019 at 22:35 | 2512 views

By Umaru Fofana, Freetown, Sierra Leone

My attention has been drawn to a vitriolic diatribe and a clear and open threat made against me by someone who’s apparently a member or supporter of the opposition APC party. In the audio circulated on social media, the anonymous coward threatens that whenever I visit Makeni I will be killed. Reason: Because I interviewed the former Vice President, Victor Foh which was aired on the BBC yesterday.

Makeni incidentally is the place I visit more than anywhere else in Sierra Leone because my parents and siblings live there. I am therefore taking the threat very seriously. I have therefore decided to report to the police Criminal Investigations Department in Freetown. I have also brought it to the notice of the head of the police in and around Makeni.

This latest threat comes after I was verbally and physically attacked on 31 December 2018 by members/supporters of the same political party at their headquarters in Freetown where I had gone to cover a story when police attacked the building with teargas. One of those attacks on me on that day happened right in the presence of the Secretary General of the party’s Young Generation, Abdul Conteh. A lady whom I don’t know, rained abuses on my parents before throwing an empty can at me. I duly brought the matter to the attention of the party’s National Secretary General, Osman Yansanneh moments after it had happened.

I assume these attacks and threats are coming from thugs who are acting alone. I therefore urge the APC leadership to condemn this banditry and distance the party from it while I seek redress.

Photo: Umaru Fofana