From the Editor’s Keyboard

Small Arms and Conflict in Africa

"It is not an over-statement to say that small arms in Africa have played the major role in every political conflict, from South, East and West Africa. (...)

| September 2006 | 493 views

Anatomy of Zimbabwe’s Problems

"The end state is not clear. Is it simply about a change of government or more so, a change of rulers? There has been a lack of clarity on the political (...)

| September 2006 | 413 views

Angelina Jolie Discovers Africa

"It is not what Ms. Jolie said or even the manner she said it that I found troubling, but its very banal familiarity, its brazen simplicity, its (...)

| September 2006 | 885 views

Our people have a long history of self-hatred

"Today, our inferiority and regard for foreigners as superior to us is total and instinctive. Indeed, the older our independence gets, the more mentally (...)

| September 2006 | 1686 views

Gender Issues and Trade in Africa

Substantially reducing poverty in Africa will require massive policy shifts, writes Roselynn Musa. This is unlikely to happen unless the voices of women (...)

| September 2006 | 472 views

Protecting the Rights of the Disabled in Africa

Friday 25 August saw a UN General Assembly committee approve a UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Convention is the first human (...)

| September 2006 | 368 views

Piecing Together the Puzzle of Uganda’s Elusive Peace

The Juba Peace Talks in Sudan between the government and the Lord’s Resistance Army are the first step in the right direction. So much is at stake: The 20 (...)

| August 2006 | 426 views

In memory of the heroes of August 18

"What however makes the August 18 anniversary tormenting is the fact that the promises made by the Kabbah government to erect a bust in memory of those (...)

| August 2006 | 495 views

There is something you can do about Lebanon

"The history of British colonial domination across (the world) is full of repeats of this pattern of public declarations that ‘we won’t talk to terrorists’ but m

| August 2006 | 394 views

Christiana Thorpe Needs Our Total Support

A controversial chieftaincy election has just been held in northern Sierra Leone. This is cause for serious concern because it’s precisely incidents like (...)

| August 2006 | 433 views

Airline bomb plot

"Planes, of course, have become weapons of choice for terrorists of many stripes over the years. In 2003 and 2004 there were a series of security alerts at (...)

| August 2006 | 337 views