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Poem in Krio: Salone Story Long…

Salone Story Long… By Ernest Ola Cummings, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Until Bangura manouvre, Dem two na bin good padi When Shaki en Khaki turnoba, (...)

| May 2012 | 3651 views

Poetry: The Passage

The Passage By Christopher Okigbo* BEFORE YOU, my mother Idoto, Naked I stand; Before your weary presence, A prodigal Leaning on an (...)

| May 2012 | 9489 views

Poetry: Lakayana

Lakayana By Gibril Koroma, Vancouver, Canada. See me Lakayana with my spear Give me my knife, the knife which the old man gave me The old man (...)

| April 2012 | 4101 views

Poetry: My Sacred Ballot

My Sacred Ballot By Roland Bankole Marke, Florida, USA. My right to vote symbolizes the sacred-Cow. As this whispering intuition blooms wisdom (...)

| April 2012 | 2155 views

Poetry: Africa

Africa By Arnis Vilks, Germany.* Continent of wonders, continent of hope, continent of fear, and continent of chaos life (...)

| April 2012 | 2130 views

Poetry: Seven Days

Seven Days By Juliane Okot Bitek, Vancouver, Canada.* A delicate hand holds a fan Evokes memories of a lover’s performance Tell me Tell me (...)

| March 2012 | 2095 views

Poetry: Kperterkple Serenade

Kperterkple Serenade (excerpt) By Atukwei Okai, Accra, Ghana. III make room in your inn for me – I know: when karl marx grabbed his (...)

| February 2012 | 1953 views

I opened my window at the bottom of the sea

I opened my window at the bottom of the sea By Elvis Gbanabom Hallowell, Freetown, Sierra Leone. I opened my window at the bottom of the sea To (...)

| January 2012 | 2271 views

Poetry-Rise Up and Walk Upright

“Rise up and Walk Upright” By Roland Bankole-Marke, PV Deputy Editor. She gave me my primal breath and key to life And anointed me in dainty (...)

| December 2011 | 1851 views


Skirt By Niyi Osundare Come, Sweetheart Come tonight Let’s meet in the elbow Of the street Skip all care Breach all walls Jump (...)

| November 2011 | 2274 views

Poetry: On a day like this

Editor’s Note: This poem was written when Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States of America in 2008. On A Day Like This By (...)

| November 2011 | 1707 views

Short story-Red Apple

Editor’s note: This story was first published in January 2006. The author, Karamoh(photo), is now a government official in Freetown. By Karamoh Kabba, (...)

| October 2011 | 2496 views