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Yumkella and SLPP melancholy

6 October 2016 at 04:36 | 1772 views


By Kanthe Knana, Quebec, Canada.

There is a vast array of evidence that makes one come to the conclusion that the SLPP was never created for the common man.

It was a party forged by elites and for elites. In the fold of the party are men who have mastered bookish philosophies of little relevance to 21st Century politics.

The perennial danger of this obsolete dogma class continues to haunt the SLPP. Since independence the SLPP has remained a haunted house. A house of bookish or textbook elites. With theories, they intimidate our people into submission. That is how these bookish elites hijack the political processes of our country by fostering a governance paradigm with a common denominator. That is a connivance and conspiracy of a few learned men against the wishes of our people.

Yumkella and the elite tragedy of the SLPP is becoming visible on a daily basis as the party refuses to produce a simple financial report. These elites have murdered auditing or accountability. Why should they have the temerity to question government decisions or participate in our political debate on transparency and accountable government? Where did they muster such courage? What must be done to cure this party? SLPP has a systemic challenge. Even as so-called elites they cannot lead by example. What must be done to hold them accountable? How can we address the melancholy of this party?

Can rebukes suffice? Or must we exorcise the dominant spirit of SLPP elitism? Why are they treating us like this? What have we done to merit this situation? Why is it that Yumkella cannot hold the party to task? Is it because he is equally culpable of the same crime? Maybe we can examine this issue a little further to uncover the reasons why the SLPP will not cooperate over a simple audit.

Yumkella has betrayed the SLPP and the elites are not happy. None of these elites like auditing.

Poor, sad, SLPP.