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World’s Best Saves Mile 91

By  | 21 June 2013 at 01:34 | 1281 views

President Ernest Koroma’s recent visit to Mile 91, a small town in Tonkolili district, north of Sierra Leone, to settle the differences between two popular APC politicians and their supporters should be commended as it is yet another demonstration of the political acumen and skills of the President.

Indeed his swift intervention has averted extreme violence and a political disaster for the ruling APC as far as the forthcoming bye-election in the area is concerned.

A born leader acts promptly, never postponing for tomorrow what he can do today. Procrastination and prevarication are bad habits for anybody but extremely deadly for a politician because when a political conflict rears its head, a day could feel like a month for a politician or political organization.

Sometimes, in politics, when a serious incident occurs and action is not immediately taken, the effects and consequences can be irreversible leading to a bitter loss and gnashing of teeth. The successful politician is usually the one who does not wait for tomorrow but would rather act today by jumping into his car and speeding to the scene of action. His appearance usually changes the power dynamics dramatically; especially if he has a charismatic personality.

Also, President Koroma, now known in many parts of the country as World’s Best, could easily have sent a high-ranking government or party official to maintain peace in the town by talking to John Gbla, who could not get the party symbol for the forthcoming bye-election and Aaron Koroma who will be representing the party
in the election.

But President Koroma, realizing the seriousness of the situation, decided to do the one-hour trip to Mile 91 from Freetown himself to calm the waters. He is a hands-on leader, not an arm-chair leader like some of his predecessors.

John Gbla must also be commended for deciding to go through this political test of fire in the interest of the party and his beloved people of Mile 91. And he has passed the tough test with flying colours. Bravo.