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Will Desmond Cole be Toronto’s next mayor?

14 October 2017 at 09:21 | 3051 views

By Gibril Koroma, Toronto

The name Desmond Cole is familiar to many Torontonians, that is residents of Toronto, Canada’s largest city, which looks and sometimes sounds and behaves very much like New York.

Desmond’s parents are from Sierra Leone but he is as Canadian as the next dude on Jane street, one of the city’s landmarks.

He is a journalist, both radio and print, who constantly watches the actions and inaction of Toronto’s cops. It’s perhaps the most important thing he is known for; he has been "carded" several times by Toronto cops. This week he has been telling us about people asking him to run for mayor of Toronto next year.

Here is Desmond via his Facebook page:

My radio station Newstalk 1010 did a poll asking Torontonians whom they’d consider voting for in the 2018 mayoral race. They put my name as an option (I knew nothing about this ahead of time) and I scored very well. Now many are asking if I’d run, and people have been asking me in general for a long time.

I’m considering a 2018 mayoral campaign, and asking for your feedback. What do you think? What are the barriers and the opportunities? What could such a campaign mean for Toronto? What should I be thinking about before I decide? Read, share, let me know what you think.

Editor’s note: Here is Desmond speaking about police harassment in Toronto: