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Why President Koroma is with China

3 December 2016 at 01:55 | 798 views


By Kanthe Knana, Quebec, Canada.

Nations are gradually coming to terms with the realities of the 21st century. Not because they would like to change ties but rather they have seen the necessity to explore new relationships and strengthen existing ones to avoid the inconvenience of a colony culture. Even some members of our African diaspora appear to have succumbed to this thinking.

As a result, Africa stands to remain what it is if the leaders refuse to form new partnerships of mutual benefit.

Canada is also a vital player that must be harnessed instead of relying solely on DFID, EU and USAID resources. The UN agencies in Sierra Leone have proven to be an extension of the ideological domination of our traditional partners with little economic benefits to our people. It is time to end the influence some of the UN agencies in Sierra Leone and pursue serious efforts of trade and foreign indirect investment. We however commend those UN agencies for their moral guarantees in the actualization of peace, security and stability in that tiny country, Sierra Leone.

However, we must start to think not like the UN agencies who have an obligation only to their budget programming and not what to job creation and sustainable economic development. What Sierra Leoneans need at this time is not lectures on the universality of human rights with a limited liberal text. We need jobs and the UN does not create jobs.

The UN only creates jobs for themselves and we cannot afford to be their fish in the pond. We also need universality of jobs and education and healthcare and social insurance. We have been in a pond for a long time even after the end of the civil war with expensive projects. These are multi-million dollar projects that have no economic benefits for the ghetto youths.

Today, the visit to China by President Koroma and his delegation is a good approach. As a people, why should we remain in the business of understanding universal principles with empty stomachs? We have to abandon such schemes. Jobs ! Jobs, Jobs!

Not philosophy. Okay?

The author, Kanthe Knana