Who are the Port Loko MPs loyal to ? Is it Kemoh or the State?

10 August 2008 at 21:34 | 1026 views

By Ernest Smith, The Netherlands.

The President’s asking of Kemoh Sesay to step aside as minister of Transport while investigations go on is a very good move to bring sanity to his leadership and also good for our young democracy.

Though Kemoh Sesay should not have been the first but it is quiet clear now that action can be taken to put an end to impunity.

The tough stance against people said to be linked to the cocaine scandal should be extended to gangs roaming about beating and molesting peaceful citizens who have committed no crime but are just exercising their democratic rights to belong to a political party.

The action of the Sierra Leone Police to stop some Port Loko MPs forcing their way to see detained Kemoh Sesay should be commended. It was clear that the laws made by these lawmakers were clearly interpreted to them and it is an action they should be proud of. The fact that they(MPs) engaged in a battle of words with the police for doing their job brings out doubts about their loyalty. Are they loyal to the sacked Kemoh Sesay or the state? These members of parliament should know that the whole world is waiting to see what steps our government is going to take to bring these drug dealers to book and to stop cocaine from entering our country.

This is not the time for lawmakers to make fools of themselves by displaying loyalty to one individual at the expense of the state. They ought to know that these are trying times for our country and our image is at stake. The action of few greedy Sierra Leoneans has brought disgrace to the entire nation. Our innocent brothers and sisters traveling to and from our country are going to be subjected to a lot of suspicion and control. It is sad but true that drug related crimes are on the rise and these drug monies are used to reduce our sisters to mere prostitutes and even used to corrupt our system and politicians and thus undermining democracy.

It is hard to believe that the well applauded attitudinal change is going to work when those making the laws are not prepared to change. They still believe in the “ you know udat nar me?” kind of politics which has no place in our society anymore. In the future, we have to ensure that the people we vote into office do have a deep and sincere love for our country and have a strong desire to serve us well and faithfully. We hope that the friends (MPs) of fired Kemoh Sesay would not stand in the way of justice.