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Whittier Street Health Center gets funding from City of Boston

18 November 2022 at 02:09 | 546 views

Whittier Street Health Center, a community health center with a mission to serve as a center of excellence that provides high quality and accessible health care and social services that achieve health equity, social justice, and the economic well-being of a diverse patient population, is among nine Boston nonprofit organizations to be awarded funding from the City of Boston’s Grassroots Program in support of the development/renovation of urban farms, community gardens, and other open spaces in Boston.

Whittier will receive a portion of the $600,000 earmarked for the Grassroots Program for the health center’s Community Garden, a community-based project that makes it possible for many people who may not have the land of their own to experience the pleasures of gardening.

“We’re delighted and grateful to receive funding for a project that is part of the sharing economy and a way to increase food security and improve public health,” said Frederica M. Williams, president and CEO of Whittier Street Health Center.

Credit: Whittier Street Health Center