What’s wrong with Victor Sylver?

15 April 2008 at 00:59 | 1516 views

By Sullay Adekulay, London.

For a little over a year now Victor Sylver has embarked on a smear campaign on my identity as a journalist who was working for the now defunct ‘Torch Light’ newspaper of Freetown.

At first I opted to maintain a dignified silence. But it seems as if the ageing alcoholic and mentally disturbed miscreant called Victor Sylver is interpreting my silence to mean an acknowledgement of guilt.

For Victor Sylver to have the idiocy and temerity to publish defamatory materials on his online ‘Sierra Herald’ newspaper left me with no other option but to put the records straight.

I would like to make it known to the former BBC stringer now London bus conductor and photographer that I loathe being an impostor, and I will never be one.

Victor claimed to have conducted a thorough investigation about me through colleague journalists in Freetown and his sources revealed that I was never a practising journalist.

The disgraced Victor Sylver is actually not telling the truth. Victor sent my picture to Kelvin Lewis, editor of ‘Awoko’ newspaper in Freetown to investigate about my identity as a journalist and Mohamed Sankoh a renowned journalist that used to work for the ‘Torch Light’ newspaper, now working for ‘Awoko’ newspaper was quick to respond in the affirmative that both of us worked for ‘TheTorch Light’ newspaper, and not only that, I had also deputised Sheka on numerous occasions.

If Victor Sylver the alcholic needs further clarifications about my identity as a journalist here is a list of reputable journalists that he can contact:

Sorie Fofanah( Sierra Leone High Commission Press Attaché) Abdulai Baraytay( Patriotic Vaguard deputy editor), Sorie Sudan Sesay( Editor of ‘Independent Observer’) Jonathan Leigh ( Managing editor of ‘ Independent Observer’) Mohamed Koroma( Former Managing editor of ‘ The African Champion now deputy minister of Information), Tatafway Tumoe( former deputy editor -in chief of ‘the Torch Light’ newspaper), Pasco Temple( Former news editor of The Torch Light newspaper), the list will go on and on.

Apart from practising as a journalist with the ‘Torch Light’ newspaper, the ageing, tired and confused Victor Sylver should also know that my activities as a journalist went far beyond the borders of Sierra Leone.

In 1998 when Victor Sylver and his cronies were baying for the blood of colleague journalists, I went to seek refuge in The Gambia and notwithstanding the fact that I was fleeing from the murderous campaign of Victor Sylver, the love for journalism drove me to pitch tent with ‘The Independent’ newspaper in The Gambia where I excelled before relocating to the United Kingdom.

The mentally disturbed Victor can verify this fact with Tatafway Tumoe with whom I worked in the Gambia.What else can I prove to this disgraceful bus conductor?

One thing I know about the ageing bus conductor is that, he is always saddened by the progress of others. Victor is not on speaking terms with Sorie Fofanah, because he personally asked former president Kabbah to compensate him with the position of Press Attaché’ to the Sierra Leone High Commission in England for his murderous campaign against colleague journalists.

Competent sources even revealed that Victor felt unfairly treated when Kabbah compensated people like Julius Spencer and Alie Bangura with ministerial appointments.

Victor Sylver also extended his rancour to Special Court head Justice George Gelega-King, whom he once virulently attacked and defamed, retired Brigadier M.S.Tarawalie, and Kanji Daramy, the former spokesman of President Kabbah. The reason for his diatribe against Kanji Daramy was on the fact that he(Victor) had nurtured high expectations that he will be appointed spokesman for President Kabbah. I cannot really fathom how Victor Sylver with an agriculture educational background, can fit into such a position.

Victor’s attack on my personality stems out of jealousy for being elected to the enviable position of board member of the United Kingdom based Exiled Journalists Network, and indeed Victor Sylver must be out of is mind to question my identity as a journalist.

Is Victor suffering from mental illness or severe depression? I wonder.

More details on Victor later.