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Welcome to APC-Canada

By  | 16 December 2013 at 01:35 | 1219 views

The recent high-powered delegation from Freetown that worked hard to restore peace and set up interim executives in both the United Kingdom and the USA should be commended and the Chairman of the APC Diaspora Alliance, Al-Aziz Turay has done just that in a recent farewell speech to his comrades in the US and beyond.

But what seems to have gone, barely noticed, under the radar, is the decision to separate Canada from what was then the APC-North America simply because the problems in the US branch were so gigantic that Canada is often forgotten completely.

That state of affairs had often annoyed and frustrated many loyal APC supporters in Canada who kept complaining over and and over. But to his credit, Aziz and his administration had listened to these complaints and he and Ambassador Bockarie Stevens himself had visited Canada a couple of times to meet with party supporters and to promise a remedy for the situation.

Although it took several years for Canada to have its own branch, they have indeed honoured their promise and Canada will soon have a recognised APC branch with an interim executive like APC-USA.

There are already structures and party activists in place to make that happen; people like veteran APC supporter Peter Koroma in Winnipeg, Gibril Sillah Kargbo of Edmonton, Ibrahim Baba Kabia of Vancouver, Said Nixon Bangura, Saidu Bangura in Toronto and many others in several Canadian provinces.

Of course, from what I hear, APC-Canada will be working closely with their counterparts in the USA to learn from their experience and chart the way forward for their branches in the interest of Sierra Leone.

I am also told the Australia APC branch is more than ready to assert itself with vigour and determination with people like Mustapha Bangura (current Chairman), Ansumana Koroma and others on the ground.

These are interesting times for the APC diaspora network.