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"We are one of the best," says Niger Team Manager

1 August 2008 at 01:19 | 1052 views

Taiwo Iboshimi, alias Eazy, is the team manager of Niger, one of the contestants in a recent African soccer tournament in Vancouver, Canada. He is a man who fervently believes in what he says.

Hear him: "Team Niger was one of the best teams in the tournament even though we came fourth. We were eliminated by Team Rwanda on a penalty shoot-out(5-4). The calibre of my players is one of the best. They played better even though they are very young and inexperienced. They really tried to win and I am quite satisfied with them and will use them again next year."

Eazy is full of praise for team Niger captain Rodrieguez and other players like Wilson. He is also grateful for the support of the fans and he is positive that his team will clinch the cup next year.

Team Niger is owned by Eazy(who is also a player), Patrick Obaze,Prince Sharafa and Opi, all of them soccer enthusiasts.

Photo: Team Niger. Team manager Iboshimi(Eazy) is at the centre with the number 8 jersey.