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"We are all SLPP"-Bah

8 June 2019 at 22:59 | 2261 views

By Abdul Malik Bangura, Freetown, Sierra Leone

The newly elected Regional Chairman of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party North America (SLPP-NA) branch has called on his members to work for the progress of the party, pointing out that his administration will have an open door policy in encouraging ideas, suggestions, and criticisms regardless of whether certain members voted for him or voted for his opponent.

Mr Mohamed Bah (photo) recently made this statement as part of his ‘Thank You’ message upon his election as head of the SLPP-NA Branch on Saturday 13th April 2019, which was held at the Dee’s Royal Palace Banquet & Event Center in Houston, Texas, United States of America (USA), where, he said, “in the end, we’re all SLPP through and through; as our party’s motto joyfully proclaims: “One Country, One People; One People, One Country.”

The SLPP-NA Chairman added that he was inviting all SLPP-NA members to join him in making his mission a reality. This mission comprises building a strong relationship between SLPP supporters in the US and those in Sierra Leone, making decisive decisions for the party on behalf of the membership in the US, inclusion of everyone devoid of tribal and regional affiliations and building capacity to recruit more members into the party so that it could be strengthened prior to the next general elections. He said, this is his ultimate goal of ensuring victory in the next general elections in Sierra Leone. He stressed that he wanted to assure the members that his administration will do due diligence to deliver on its promises to the electorate.

Further delving into his landmark election as the first Sierra Leonean non-traditional Chairman of a political party branch in the Diaspora, Bah said: “My election to the highest post in the 5th region of our party shows how inclusive the SLPP really is!,”. He noted: “Which other political party in the Diaspora would have elected a non-traditional candidate to its highest office; except of course the SLPP!”

As a result, Bah delved into the robust activism of his father to restore the dignity of his native Fullah tribe in the political helm of Sierra Leone during the 1960s. He said: “My father, Alhaji Momodu Alpha Bah, was among five Fullah tribal leaders who petitioned the Government of Sierra Leone after Independence in 1962 to allow Fullah’s to participate in the electoral process in Sierra Leone,” concluding that today, he is a living proof of the wisdom of the SLPP founding fathers which was progressive and result oriented.

Bah thanked also His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio for his leadership and for his efforts in ensuring the SLPP returns to governance in April 2018, exactly over ten years since losing to the APC party. He also thanked senior party officials including the Chairman and Leader Dr. Prince Alex Harding, and the SLPP National Secretary General Umaru Napoleon Koroma who himself was present at the inauguration. He also thanked the Leader of Government Business at the Sierra Leone House of Parliament Hon. Sidie Tunis who was Guest of Honour at the Inauguration and also all the top government and party officials present at his inauguration.

That notwithstanding, Bah further thanked all officials absent but who took precious time to call and congratulate him. He said “Truly you can proudly say the SLPP is a “Big Tent and Big Idea Party.”

In addition, Bah issued special thanks to the United States embassies in Freetown and Liberia for their prompt response in issuing visas to party dignitaries thus allowing them to attend his inauguration in Texas, USA. He added:: “Thank you also to all the European countries who allowed our invited guests to attend the inauguration.”

Bah ended by pledging that his administration will continue to promote the SLPP-NA in that region, “while committing to lend full support to the President’s New Direction agenda.

Other dignitaries that made statements at the inauguration ceremony were Umaru Napoleon Koroma, National Secretary General SLPP; Honourable Sidi Tunis, Head of Government Business and Majority Leader for SLPP at the Sierra Leone House of Parliament; Ambassador Sidiki Abubakar Wai, Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States of America and Dr. Francis Kaikai Sierra Leone Minister of Planning and Economic Development.