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VP Juldeh Jalloh meets with senior EU officials

11 October 2018 at 00:30 | 1600 views

Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh Wednesday 10th October, 2018 had rounds of meetings at the European Union (EU) headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

He met with the African team from the EU’s External Action Service
(EEAS) headed by Koen Vervaeke.

He also held meetings with the West Africa unit of the EU development
coordination department led by the chief, Didier Verse, and a final
meeting with the Deputy Secretary of the EEAS.

VP Jalloh outlined the key strategic objectives of the New Direction
with an underlying focus on diversifying the economy, spur economic
development and improve the investment environment.

He used the occasion to discuss the agenda of President Bio’s forthcoming visit to Brussels early November.

He stressed that the President is desirous of engaging the EU on a range of issues including support for education, rural infrastructure, youth, employment, fisheries and business climate.

VP Jalloh reiterated the commitment of President Bio to strengthening the
country’s relations with the EU beyond development aid to such policy issues as immigration, European visas and scholarships for young Sierra Leoneans to study and be trained in Europe.

The EU officials welcomed President Bio’s pending visit to the EU and stated that the EU President, Jean-Claude Junker, has consented to meet with President Bio.

He also advocated to the EU officials for EU visas to be delivered in Sierra Leone.

Courtesy of Satellite News