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Victor Bockarie Foh and the rewards of loyalty and commitment

By  | 4 May 2015 at 21:24 | 1666 views

There are a lot of similarities between political parties and business enterprises. They all demand loyalty and commitment. They all reward loyal and dedicated workers with promotions and other benefits.

Maybe that’s why President Ernest Bai Koroma, a seasoned businessman before he entered politics said at one time he was going to run the country as a business. He was not talking about money here, per se, but the management of power and empowering the people to move the country forward, using business techniques.

A business will fire a worker that breaks the rules and never makes an effort to attune his behaviour to fit into company rules and best practices. In the same way if a party supporter or party executive consistently breaks the rules and tries to hurt the party, he or she will be fired or expelled.

Current Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh (photo) joined the APC in the 70s and he has never wavered in his support for the party. He is completely loyal and has suffered taunts and insults from some of his own people in the south, an opposition stronghold. Foh has suffered from numerous arrests and detentions when APC was not in power and was even on death row and about to be executed by the then ruling SLPP when the hand of destiny saved him.

It was therefore not much of a surprise when Honourable Foh, a former ambassador to China, was recently made Vice President after the ruling APC party, following several warnings and admonitions decided to bring down the hammer on his predecessor.