From the Editor’s Keyboard

Urgent Need for National Environmental Task Force

By  | 12 August 2013 at 10:17 | 1335 views

We were just musing on the urgent need to protect the environment as economic activities take off at full speed in Sierra Leone. Everywhere in the world people talk about the environment these days. Sierra Leone is no exception.

But what is urgently need in our country is concrete action. The recent landslide tragedy in Freetown in which 16 people lost their lives should be a wake up call for the authorities to set a task force comprising environmental and security experts. We should not wait for another environmental tragedy to occur before we take action.

The Freetown incident was first reported by the Cocorioko newspaper which was then reproduced by other portals including the blog Sciency Thoughts.. A website owned by freelance photo-journalists calld Demotix also produced excellent photos of the disaster. This is something that can be prevented.

We will continue to urge Government to take action. Action should also be taken to prevent another cholera outbreak and sea disaster. All these things used to happen around this time in Sierra Leone and some other West African when the rains increase in tempo. But good planning and preventive action are the answer.

Let’s do it.