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Update on APC-Canada Branch Toronto meeting

8 June 2017 at 21:32 | 2112 views

Dear Comrades, Supporters, Well-wishers and Friends of the APC in Canada,

We appreciate your support towards the APC-Canada Branch. Following the advice from the leadership of our party, the APC, including the Honourable National Secretary General, the Honourable Chairman of APC Western Area and the Honourable Diaspora and Elections Coordinator, we wish to welcome you in advance to the strategic consultative meeting of the APC Canada Branch which is scheduled for the 10th of June, 2017 in Toronto, Ontario.

records indicate that the following Branch and Chapter Executives will be attending this meeting:

1. Chairman, APC Canada Branch, Comrade Sean Samura
2. Vice Chairman I, APC Canada Branch, Comrade Abdoul Kareem Kamara
3. Vice Chairman II, APC Canada Branch, Comrade Ibrahim K Bangura
4. Vice Chairman III, APC Canada Branch, Comrade Mohamed Taqi
5. Secretary General, Comrade Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara
6. Assistant Secretary General, Comrade Mangay Turay
7. Women’s Leader III, Mabel Sankoh
8. Treasurer, Comrade Modibo Lymon
9. Coopt Executive, Comrade Alex Kabia
10. Co-opt Executive Madam Agnes Kabia
11. Director of International Affairs, Madam Marie Turay
12. Director of Cultural Affairs, Comrade Abu Marrah
13. Social Secretary, Madam Matilda Kamara
14. Financial Secretary, Juliana Nunoo
15. Veteran officer I, Comrade Pa Lakoh
16. Veteran officer II, Comrade Sheriff Sesay
17. Advisory Committee Member, Madam Janet Sesay
18. President of APC Ontario Chapter, Comrade Abubakarr Kamara
19. President of APC British Columbia Chapter, Comrade Baba Kabia
20. President of Quebec Chapter, Comrade Bob Kabia
21. Secretary General of APC Alberta Chapter, Comrade Kai Ngegba
22. Coordinator of Women’s Wing, Alberta Region, Madam Sansu Kamara
23. Coordinator of Women’s Wing Ontario Region, Madam Isatu Dumbuya
24. PRO of APC Manitoba Chapter, Comrade Gibril Koroma
25. Organizing Secretary Alberta Chapter, Comrade Bakarr Bangura
26. Publicity Secretary, APC Alberta Chapter, Comrade Mohamed Bangura

The above participants will be joined by other Executives of the Branch and Ontario Chapter. This list will be updated upon confirmation of additional participants. The agenda for this meeting will be sent out on Friday, the 9th of June, 2017.

Any enquiries should be sent to the Secretary General of the APC Canada Branch, Comrade Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara on email: Thank you.

Ibrahim Badamasi Kamara, Secretary General, APC Canada Branch