Two major SLPP diabolic plots to rig the elections

15 July 2007 at 19:20 | 510 views

By Morie Mussaffa.

I have been alerted by my sources around Sierra Leone and now confirmed by campaign sources as well, that the SLPP government is in collusion with the mobile phone companies and fuel supply companies in Sierra Leone to sabotage phone and fuel services all around the country on or before election day, August 11, 2007. The intent for sabotage is two fold:


1. To prevent communication amongst other political party personnel operating in election centres on that day.

2. To prevent the lodging of any official complaints to the National Electoral Commission or other international elections monitoring agencies and organizations. In that way, all potential complaints concerning rigging will not be justified or validated since they will not have been officially lodged successfully.

3. Hence, only results presented by the government will be considered to be authentic and unchallenged due to unavailable opposing data or complaints from the other parties.


1. There will supposedly be a fictitious fuel shortage in Sierra Leone one week or so ahead of election day to make mobility difficult for all other political parties and international election monitoring organizations except the SLPP. This plot is said to have been hatched in agreement with the fuel supply companies in Sierra Leone and to be justified by the Sierra Leone refinery.

2. The SLPP government is said to be hoarding fuel already and storing it in secret locations around the country, from now until the day the fuel shortage is imposed and announced.

3. They are said to br storing fuel in various locations around the country where their vehicles will be fueled secretly in the face of the fictitious shortage so that only SLPP vehicles will have capabilities for mobility.

4. With the fictitious fuel shortage on that day, all parties and international monitoring organizations will also be hampered by the fictitious shortage and they too will not have the capability to move around to monitor the elections.

Many concerned people have written and warned Sierra Leoneans about the covert intent of the SLPP government and VP Berewa to rig the oncoming elections at all cost and by all means necessary. This is a clear indication of the desperation of the SLPP to do anything whatsoever to win this election even if it is not what the people want at this time. Any and all attempts to rig the elections will be an illegal act to prevent the choice, voice and preference of the people to prevail in electing whom they want to lead their country in the next 5 years. Anyone who prevents this, would have constitutionally thwarted the application of democracy in Sierra Leone and cannot be considered legitimate to rule the country.

All political parties should and must allow for the people’s choice to prevail. Any person or party who imposes his or their will upon Sierra Leoneans should not be allowed to be their leader. No one should be ruled by force in the year 2007. Anyone or party that is not tolerant of others ruling over them, should not themselves, be allowed to rule over others.

God has not ordained anybody or party to be the only ruler or else no one else should rule. Every Sierra Leonean should have the right to rule and be ruled. This ordination should only come from the people’s choice and preference and every party should accept the final decision of the people rather than rigging against the decision of the people.

Morie Mussaffa.

New Jersey, USA