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Tribute to the Late Dr. Anthony Kakpindi Soyei (Kapis)

16 May 2012 at 04:43 | 294 views

Courtesy, Leonenet (UMBC).

Kakpindi dying this soon and this sudden has really left those of us that had known him from his CKC days quite speechless, forcing all of us to take a close look at our own mortality. This is sad beyond words. He did so much, so fast, and so young in his chosen profession. It would be hard to find one that gave so much so fast so young to his community in Salone as this fine product of a most noble school.

But we take consolation in the fact that like all good people he really never died, if only because he will never be forgotten and this is why.......the things he did for the common good of all. Please watch this video below. So full of life, so driven; an excellent product of CKC.