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Toronto: Independence anniversary celebrations

8 May 2019 at 23:38 | 1550 views

By Alpha Shaw, Toronto

Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora including here in Toronto celebrated 58 years of independence on Saturday ,April 27,2019.

The independence celebration was a community effort led and organized by Concerned Citizens and Friends of Sierra Leone ( CCFSL) and Sierra Leonean Canadian Union of Ontario (SLECUO) with the support of other Sierra Leonean community organizations and partners.

A flag-raising ceremony held at City Hall in Toronto.and a dinner and dance at Panemonte Banquet & Convention center Etobicoke to showcase Sierra Leonean culture.

David During

The key note speaker for this year event was Mr David During, a well known and respected community leader and resourceful orator.

David Sinnah President of Sierra Leone Union of Ontario (Umbrella) and Federation of Sierra Leonean communities of Canada.

This year’s event was attended by a cross-section of Sierra Leoneans resident in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The people that raised the Sierra Leone flag on that day were Mr. Momoh Kakulatomba, Imam Muhammad H. Kamara and Catherine Williams.

Ms Barlu Dumbuya, President of Concerned Citizens and Friends of Sierra Leone

Also in attendance was Provincial Member of Parliament (MPP) Hon.Faidal Hassan

Members of the Independence Organizing Committee expressed their gratitude to the membership and " everyone who attended and supported us."