Thuggery by APC supporters in Freetown.

13 July 2007 at 15:14 | 501 views

By Teddy Foday-Musa.

Freetown the capital city of Sierra Leone descended into lawlessness on the 11th July, when APC supporters took to the main streets with offensive songs against Tejan Kabbah, Berewa and the SLPP. It was reported that a lady dressed in her SLPP tee-shirt, was whisked out of a taxi she boarded in fear and severely beaten by APC thugs. This begs the question as to whether THUGGERY is still a part of the NEW APC of Ernest Bai Koroma.

The procession was jam-packed with ghetto boys who said they were supporters of the APC. They displayed open disrespect for the law by publicly smoking the illegal marijuana (cannabis) in the presence of our riot police officers.

Their outbursts on the streets were in honour of the launching the APC party manifesto. However, to the disappointment of the public, and to the amazement of our riot police, the ceremony quickly degenerated into a repeat of the APC thuggery of past records. Their presence on the streets became a reminder of the displays of former APC thugs like Highway and Abu Acid to name a few. Below I bring you the lines of some of their chants against Kabbah, Berewa and the SLPP:

Pa Kabbah tiff am! Solo B sell am.
Nar now de case don wam! Nar now de case don wam
First den say nar diamond loss! Now den say nar two ship res.
Nar now de case don wam.

Alhaji nar tiff man oh! Alhaji nar tiff man.
Time don don! Way yu taya nar for pack en go!
We nor wan Pa way dae wahtor! Do yar meke ee pack en go.
Oosai den wan yar comot ba! Way den wan kam sidom par we head.
Den wan yar we go gee den notice! 2 ship loss, we nor see natin.
Wey wi res? Wi wan eat!

Speaking to a Sierra Leonean resident in the Netherlands, who called back home in Freetown in order to get an update of the situation by then, he summarised the entire scenario to me by saying the following: “APC nar monkey. En yu noe say monkey nor dae lef im black han.” He further told me that he recently defected from the APC to the PMDC all because of the APC’s thuggish way of doing things.

This ugly incident projected by the APC supporters has left Sierra Leoneans with the fear that the return of the APC will definitely be the return of THUGGERY to be unleashed once again on them. Today, most Sierra Leoneans are genuinely worried that after 10 years of human butchery by the RUF, voting the APC in as a government of the day, will again transform the country into a pool of human right violations against suffering Sierra Leoneans.

This has also sent a confusing signal to both the PMDC and the SLPP as to what will be their relationship with the APC, just in case there is a run-off that triggers entering into a merger negotiation with the already thuggery-tainted NEW APC.Indeed the APC leadership need to find ways to control some of their so-called supporters or they will pay a heavy price in future.

To crown it all, APC supporters have thrown a severe punch at their party which has not only dented the image of their new APC, but also their chances of pulling the expected votes come August 11th. Their recent display of thuggery when we are just 4 weeks away from elections has awakened in the minds of the people, the party’s past record of thuggery and 23 years of bad governance.

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