The Election is Over, Let’s Unite

5 December 2012 at 17:20 | 2007 views

By Ken-Abu Kamara, Winnipeg, Canada.

In the aftermath of a tough political campaign, it is now time to unite in the task of nation building. Half the nation is walking around today in confusion wondering how President Koroma got re-elected and the other half is boasting and rubbing salt in the opposition’s wounds. The nation has spoken out loud and clear; democracy is alive and well. Just because the outcome is not to one’s expectation is not a valid reason to wish that the country implodes. Revenge, or waiting for the opportunity to say “I told you so” or wishing that the president fails is not the Sierra Leonean way. We are better than that. The legitimate will of the voters must be respected as we forge ahead in the quest of a better existence.

There are fundamental issues that President Koroma in his second term must address. We do need direction and a plan and we can and should hold the president accountable to his promises, his actions, and his policies. He has attained office through a democratic process and it is our duty as citizens to come together and work to make our country a better place for every Sierra Leonean. Our democratic duty is to make our country a united country and not a divided one.

The process may not be easy. Changes will take time; days, weeks or perhaps even months. The election wounds are too deep. We have allowed our political differences to poison the spirit of our souls, but that is not what should define our future or our country.

Yes, our voting system can be improved. There are those reports of fraud and coercion, but there were no tanks in the streets to suppress any threats. There was no civil disorder or rioting. No one was overturning police cars.

To succeed as a nation we must pull together and work towards fixing our problems. The challenge is to accept responsibility, put the election behind us, and get on task. There are many problems to address but in the interest of moving ahead, perhaps it is time to wish the president well and come to a consensus for the common good. So whatever your politics are, your beliefs and morals should be respected. We need to remember that this country belongs to us all, not just APC or SLPP..